Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 3 - 84 miles - 6:35 hours

Starting at 75° F, ending at 55° F, we were happy to have our support team ready to help out with warm clothing just when we needed it most. Thank you, Sophia!

On this exhausting yet fulfilling stage of our ride "Cycling the Blue Ridge Parkway", we made it as planned from Milepost 90 (near Bearwallow Gap) all the way to Milepost 174, which is where Rocky Knob Cabins are located. What a rustic place to spend the night, we are fully enjoying the stay in the middle of wilderness!

Day 3 showed its beauty by displaying a lot of nature's astonishing creatures. Many encounters of white-tailed deer, hawks of all kinds - even in close-up... and of course dogs, groundhogs and spuirrels :) We are grateful to being able to cycling the whole Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoy Mother Earth's grace to its full extent.

Today's final highlight was for sure the incredibly tasty veggie-pasta dish and the succulent wildberry cobbler served with ice cream by the friendly and welcoming staff of the Woodberry Inn in Meadows of Dan, Virginia.

Best-of pictures of today you'll find clicking here

And make sure to enjoy our videoblog - right here:

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  1. Mom and Dad are so proud of you, Cristof Beta! You are the best and the most handsome cyclist and adventure seeker in the world! May all positive energy of the universe and plant Kaplan with two suns be with you all along the Blue Ridge PKWY expedition.
    Love from MOM & DAD in New Jersey.